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What You Need to Know About Feather Friendly® Window Markers

Durability and Performance Statement

Feather Friendly® is not a film but a marker that is placed on the outside surface of a window to reduce the surface reflection and alert birds to avoid collision.

Feather Friendly® is fabricated from only the highest quality 3M product and carries all the durability and performance assurances from 3M.

Feather Friendly® is recognized, approved and endorsed by both the American Bird Conservancy and FLAP.

Feather Friendly® Commercial and DIY products have been used for over 10 years on thousands of residential and commercial installations with the highest performance rating both in longevity and reduced collisions.

Feather Friendly® markers have been used successfully world wide in all climates and environments with no failures or reduced performance.

Feather Friendly® markers provide the best combination of collision avoidance, longevity, appearance and visibility to birds and clear visibility for humans looking through glass.

Feather Friendly® is quickly becoming the number one choice to reduce bird collisions with glass.

Feather Friendly® Commercial
Large-Format Bird Collision Deterrent for Commercial & Institutional Buildings
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For Property Managers, Real Estate Developers, Facilities Managers, Architects, Urban Planners and Building Developers
Feather Friendly® Residential
Bird Collision Deterrent Marker-Pattern DIY Tape Prevents Birds from Colliding With Windows
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For Homeowners and Smaller Do-It-Yourself Installations
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